Contents of the Archival Collection

a. Fine Art: Original paintings, etchings and sculptures from a coterie of 80’s East Village LGBT artists. 

b. Poster Art: 40 years of poster-sized invitations featuring artwork by prominent gay artists.

c. Promotional Art: Postcards, flyers, art ‘zines, etc. 

d. Video Promo Teasers: Video promo art directed by artists including Gio Black Peter (2018) Rob Roth (2016 & 2017), Leo Herrera (2014 & 2015) and Caryn Waechter (2011) 

e. Post-Party Pics, Videos and Clippings: Commissioned photographs, video trailers, fashion spreads and assorted media coverage. 

f.  Specialty slides that were created by hand, by artists and technicians for projection on the planetarium dome ceiling by the legendary Saint Star Machine.

g. Experimental and Short Films: Commissioned films set against the Black Party and premiering on the International LGBT Film Festival Circuit including Schwarzwald: The Movie You Can Dance To (2007) 37 min. directed by Richard Kimmel; Black Rose Tango (2010) 10 min. directed by Caryn Waechter; High: A Black Party Symphony (2011) 10 min. directed by Caryn Waechter; Rites (2014) 10 min. directed by Caryn Waechter

h. Set Pieces and Décor: Custom designed set pieces and miscellaneous décor. 

i. Leather Fetish Gear, Costumes and Head Pieces: Original pieces by fashion designers including the Baroness (latex), Miodrag Guberinic, Gerrold Vincent, Comely.

j. Branding: Envelopes, paper and business cards bearing The Saint logo in its different styles as it has evolved.

k. Soundscapes: An audio archive, LIVE AT THE SAINT, culled from 40 years of recorded DJ sets on reel-to-reel tapes and digital files.

l. Virtual Reality Installation: A commissioned 3D rendering of The Saint in virtual reality 

m. Personal Stories: A commissioned webseries, STORIES OF THE SAINT (over 150,000 Youtube views) featuring interviews of original members, guests, DJ’s and staff. 

n. Library: Periodical magazines, books, pamphlets, zines from 50 years of gay life in New York. 

o. Memorabilia: including party tickets, coat check medallions, Membership locker registration books, giveaways, 

p. Equipment: Original lights, sound and projection equipment from The Saint. 

q. Letters: from members, notables, Membership office, etc. 

r. Business Files from the earliest paperwork to the final sale, invoices, investment porfolios, financial statements, etc. 

s. Other clubs: Donated archive collections from The Paradise Garage and The St. Marks Baths in addition to invitations from Area, Palladium and miscellaneious gay bars and clubs. 

t. Miscellaneous Ephemera: Flyers and posters for East Village gallery shows, Theater programs, etc. 

u. Rare matchbooks from establishments that were popular in the 80's and 90's.

v. Vinyl records, Test Pressings, White Labels and DJ only releases.  Some signed and/or stamped with DJ's name. One-off Acetates, cut in sound studios, for play at monumental moments and special event productions.

w. The original Holosonic sound generator from The Saint.

x.  Original invitation and poster mock-ups for printing.

y. Collected autographs and notes from talented stars who performed at The Saint.

Z. Rolodexes and calendars of Bruce Mailman, founder of The Saint