Mission: The Saint Foundation, Inc., is a New York based not-for-profit.  Its mission is to acquire and preserve artifacts of New York City LGBT nightlife of the post-Stonewall era in order to create a chronicle of the socio-economic, political and cultural history of the New York LGBT community. It is hoped that this chronicle will become an educational resource for future generations of LGBT artists and activists regarding the work of those who came before them and on whose shoulders their own work will stand. Through its resources and outside contributions, it seeks to offer grants to fledgling gay and gay friendly entrepreneurs and artists to further the culture. 

A mission to acquire and preserve LGBTQ memorabilia, artwork, ephemera, and media

Historical Background: THE SAINT (1980-1988) was arguably the only true gay mega club of its time. Its legendary sound system, lighting effects, extravagant decor and signature music combined for elaborate special event productions. Indeed, in all of its official documents, it is described not merely as a nightclub, but as a theater/nightclub. The Saint’s and its offshoot, The Saint At Large event invitations feature art from some of the most notable artists of the time, including Robert Mapplethorpe, REX, George Platt Lynes, among others. 

The Saint’s roster of famous regulars included the likes of Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, Leonard Bernstein, Thierry Mugler as well as the Fire Island and circuit A-list, but it was the club’s loyal membership who elevated the club to its legendary status as the greatest discotheque ever built. 



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Montage of Poster Invites for The Saint Parties


Letters to The Saint Founder, Bruce Mailman


Tom of Finland Artwork Original

Part of The Saint Foundation Archives


Club Crowd at The Saint


Lighting Spectacle at The Saint


The Dome at The Saint